Over the last 60 days you probably,
had a roof to stay indoors,
were forced to work from home,
cooked your food or had the means to order online,
got grocery delivered at your doorstep,
piled up on sanitizers and masks,
made faces while doing the dishes,
called friends and family to tackle boredom,
whined on WhatsApp about the sorry state of affairs,
made a drink to take the edge off,
binged on Netflix,
posted lockdown adventures on Instagram.

And if this didn’t make you comprehend privilege,
nothing else will ever do.


Deep beneath all reasons and motivations, human desires and emotions have been the larger cause of all outstanding achievements and the frightful evils alike. Ambition is one such emotion that gives us the shot at becoming a multi-planetary species. On the contrary, it can also be the cause of global destruction in its worst manifestation.

Ambition is also something that I often haven’t be able to express or define in the personal context. Ambition, for me, is the drive or mindset to strive for leaving behind a better world than the one I was born in. The biggest burden on one’s conscience is to leave a generational debt behind. I made it in New York only because my father had the ambition to walk out of small rural farmland and equip me with better tools and education than he had in his time. So, I not only have the responsibility but an obligation not to leave the future generation worse off than I had from my parents. Ambition is the process to work towards the creation of a larger fabric that results in a world where we harness technology to improve climate, reduce poverty, solve healthcare and education issues, amongst many other things. 

Ambition is not living in the moment but living for one’s legacy.


Fear is an extreme emotion
Fear can either push you into a recluse
Or it can inspire you to conquer
What do we have to fear?
Fear of life? Or fear of death?
Fear of winning? Or fear of losing?
Fear of dying alone?
Or fear of being with others?
Fear of doing too little?
Or fear of going too far?
Fear of being seen? Fear of staying hidden?
Fear of leaving? Or fear of staying?
The only thing I fear is not having the courage to face the man in the mirror.


If you were a pain, I would bear it
If you were poison, I would drink it
If you were life, I would risk it
If you were death, I would take it

If you were darkness, I would live in it
If you were sorrow, I would drown in it
If you were a flame, I would burn in it
If you were a storm, I would wreck in it


The power of ticking clock is immense.
It makes me realize the importance of Today.
Every moving second cuts into my Today.
Every breath exhaled reduces my Today.
Today is the slipping grain of sand that I want to hold on but can’t.
Today is what happened when I was contemplating yesterday.
Today is what passed by when I fantasized of the future.
Today is something I won’t have again.
Today is just Today not yesterday not tomorrow.
Today is to be cherished.
Today is to be useful.
Today is to be lived.
For now, I want to be all I can be Today.