Fear is an extreme emotion
Fear can either push you into a recluse
Or it can inspire you to conquer
What do we have to fear?
Fear of life? Or fear of death?
Fear of winning? Or fear of losing?
Fear of dying alone?
Or fear of being with others?
Fear of doing too little?
Or fear of going too far?
Fear of being seen? Fear of staying hidden?
Fear of leaving? Or fear of staying?
The only thing I fear is not having the courage to face the man in the mirror.


If you were a pain, I would bear it
If you were poison, I would drink it
If you were life, I would risk it
If you were death, I would take it

If you were darkness, I would live in it
If you were sorrow, I would drown in it
If you were a flame, I would burn in it
If you were a storm, I would wreck in it